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Support for the survivors of the terror attacks on music festivals near Gaza

Professional support for the survivors
of the music festivals in southern Israel

We are an emergency mental health project that is operated by a network of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychotherapists and licensed clinical supervisors , who all have experience working with severe trauma and the field of psychedelic harm reduction.

We can only imagine how devastating it must have been to endure such a terrifying experience during a peaceful rave. We are here to support any attendees from the raves in Southern Israel near Gaza on Saturday. We understand that ravers who were under the influence of psychedelics may have had an intensified and more confusing experience.

We invite all those who were at the party at Re’im and want to share, get support or talk to a therapist with experience working with extreme traumatic events, who knows what a rave is and knows how to support psychedelic users. Of course, you can contact us regardless of the use of psychedelics.

You have here a community of experienced mental health professionals volunteering to help with all conditions and needs.

The tribe is here for you.

Contact our expert volunteers using this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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Research and learning

We strive to learn and improve in providing therapy and assistance to people under the influence of psychoactive effect and in the general field of therapy, with the help of research and future study. 
Such research can greatly  contribute to the understanding  of the relationship between trauma and the use of psychedelic substances, and help develop tailored made treatment for those who have undergone complex psychedelic experiences and trauma.


The research is led by Prof. Roy Salomon from the University of Haifa, one of the founders of this support organization. We would highly appreciate it if you could help us help others. To register for the study click here:


Help us expand and 
maintain our activity

This work is 100% voluntary, all donations will go to finance logistic support for volunteer therapists and physical structures for supporting victims. 

We are collaborating with the University of Haifa - department of psychology, who are helping us collect money needed for the treatment.

100% of the donation will go to the treatment of the survivors.

Additional assistance centers

An updated list of centers, organizations and other associations that provide immediate psychological assistance


Joining the care team

We are recruiting licensed clinicians with a therapeutic Master’s degree, minimum 5 years of clinical experience with adults, certification in an evidence-based method for the treatment of trauma, familiarity with psychedelic experiences and professional liability insurance.

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