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Our Team

SafeHeart’s therapists all have clinical certifications (psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers), with significant experience in the fields of trauma and a particular interest in psychedelics.

Board of Directors


Guy Simon

Board Member, Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Committee

M.A, M.S.W, PhD(c), Psychotherapist with expertise in trauma. Clinical Director at Impulse. Specializes in relational psychoanalysis and Buddhist psychology.​


Prof. Roy Salomon

Board member, Head of Research
and data collection

PhD., Ms.c, Department of Psychology, Haifa University

Shiran Maor

Shiran Maor

Chairman of the Board of directors
and Fund-Raising 


Demian Photo Website 1.jpg

Dr. Demian Halperin

Head of Psychiatric Support

MD, Board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist


Reut Plonsker

VP Acute therapeutic

MA, Clinical psychologist

Efrat Atun

Efrat Atun


WhatsApp Image 2023-10-15 at 13.47.53.jpeg

Karina Dessau

Head of Therapeutic coordination

Mindfulness-based psychotherapist
trained in the Hakomi method,
Emotional water therapist WT


Therapeutic Community Manager

Tal Zagursky

MA, Clinical psychologist in residency; harm reduction specialist


Yair Grynbaum

Head of Emergency Intervention

Ms.c, Mental health crisis specialist in “Magnus,”

Certified Open Dialogue facilitator, leader of harm reduction and peer support spaces.


Nir Tadmor

SafeHeart Retreats

Ms.c, certified transpersonal psychotherapist (Eurotas), Safe Shore Project co-founder, Director of Training and Education at Impulse - Integrative Clinical Center.

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Shani Cohen

Survivors' Families

Project Leader

64668b494ec10913df0a3f0a_igal.t big.png

Igal Tartakovsky

Head of Support Groups

Mindfulness-based psychotherapist (ACT, Satya), Safe Shore Project Co-Founder.

Training Team

Tal Shani-Ur

Dr. Tal Shany-Ur


rehabilitation psychologist and supervisor, and neuropsychologist.  Specializes in treating trauma incorporating mind-body and Buddhism-based interventions

איילת כהן וידר.png

Dr. Ayelet Cohen Vidr


clinical psychologist. Background in psychedelic psychotherapy, facilitator of mind-body group therapy


Dr. Hadas Zeevi Sella


clinical psychologist.   Supervisor in the field of trauma, cptsd, secondary traumatization, resilience and growth


Dr. Avital Dimant Litvin


Clinical psychologist and supervisor. Psychodynamic therapist, specializes in trauma and loss


Marlen Maor


clinical psychologist and supervisor. Therapist, educator, and speaker on the topic of trauma therapy in Israel and around the world

תמר עיני.jpg

Tamar Einy-Lehman


music, voice and movement therapist, psychotherapist and group analyst. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy graduate

Clinical Advisory Board

מרטין אורבך.jfif

The national clinical director of Amcha, a senior expert psychiatrist and psychotherapist, with over 30 years of experience especially in community psychiatry. Has special expertise in the treatment of acute and chronic trauma

זהבה סלמון.jpeg

Prof. Zahava Solomon

Israel Prize laureate, researcher in the field of psychiatric epidemiology, mental health and social work. She served as the head of a research branch in the mental health department in the IDF, at the rank of lieutenant colonel

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 16.34.44.jpeg

Prof. Shaul Lev-Ran

Psychiatrist, specialist in addiction treatment
Co-founder and academic director, the Israeli Center for Addictions
Researches mental effects of psychoactive substances

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 16.33.15 (1).jpeg

Dr. Raz Gross

 Medical Doctor and researcher. Psychiatrist and epidemiologist at . Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Centre. Researches cutting edge psychedelic therapy with PTSD patients

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 16.31.19 (1).jpeg

Dr. Nitza Nakash-Axelrod

Psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of PTSD and director of the Dror Clinic for CBT cognitive behavioral therapy and research

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof HGJM Eric Vermetten.jpg

Prof HGJM Eric Vermetten

 MD, PhD, clinical psychiatrist at the Department Psychiatry at Leiden UMC&  Adjunct Professorsh at the Department Psychiatry of New York UMC. He is an expert in biological-based interventions in psychotraumatology MDMA, psilocybin, ketamine and medical cannabis. 

Prof Yael Niv PhD.jpg

Prof Yael Niv

 PhD, neuroscientist who studies human and animal reinforcement learning and decision making. She is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Princeton University and the co-director of the Rutgers-Princeton Center for Computational Neuropsychiatry (CCNP). She is an expert in computational psychiatry using computational models of learning and decision making to understand mental health conditions

Prof Roee Admon.jpg

Prof Roee Admon

 PhD, neuroscientist at the school of Psychology at the University of Haifa.
an expert on the behavioral,psychological, physiological, endocrinological and neural measures of stress and trauma in healthy as well as psychopathological populations.

Prof Mario Mikulincer, PhD.jpg

 Prof Mario Mikulincer

 PhD,  Professor of Psychology at Reichmann University. He is a renowned expert in emotional regulation, post-traumatic processes, and coping with stress 

Prof Olivia Carter, PhD.jpg

Prof Olivia Carter

PhD.  cognitive neuroscientist at the school of psychology, University of Melbourne.  She was Executive Director of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and the president to the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society. Prof. Carter is an expert in consciousness research and specifically in the field of psychedelics. 

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