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Help us support the
survivors of the
October 7th music festivals

SafeHeart was established by a team of leading therapists, including clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, expressive arts therapists, and clinical social workers with extensive professional experience with severe traumatic experiences and the field of psychedelic harm reduction and integration.

Our mission: To provide fully subsidized long-term therapy to those who survived the terror attacks at the music festivals on October 7th , many of whom were in altered states of consciousness at the time.

SafeHeart is recognized by the Ministry of Health in Israel, as well as the National Insurance Institute as a partner in supporting survivors of the October 7th terror attacks, in collaboration with the Israeli Trauma Coalition and resilience centers.

In order to provide effective psychological support to the festivals’ survivors, it’s important for them to receive both individual and group clinical therapy that is trauma-informed  and psychedelic friendly - and we’re able to offer this vital treatment.

But we need your help!

Your donation will have a direct long-term impact on the survivors of the horrific terror attacks at the music festivals on that fateful day.


We’re in a race against time: the more time passes since the traumatic event, the more difficult it is to prevent PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and its devastating effects.


Thank you very much for your support,

The SafeHeart Team


Thank you in advance for your generous contribution!

The SafeHeart Team


Therapists offering long-term care


Survivors receiving long-term therapy


Survivors initially treated
voluntarily by therapists

We are partnering with Rashi Foundation in facilitating donations.

Your contribution is tax deductible:

  • Israel: Section 46

  • USA: Section 501(c)(3)

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